Thursday Cheezburger – Plotting…

Today’s theme is: Plotting…

a cat gazes balefully at a cute little pup

caption: Soon.

a ginger cat lies asleep on its back with limbs akimbo - above it a gray cat is perched, looking at the ginger cat

caption: Look at him. So relaxed, so deep asleep, not a care in the world….I’m going to enjoy landing on him.

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2 responses to “Thursday Cheezburger – Plotting…”

  1. tigtog

    A bunch of kittens inside a box
    Cornered? Us…? No, my friend, you fell for the trap.

    cat and dog watching the clothes go around in the washing machine
    cat: See how much funz the cloos is haszin?
    dog: Yep.
    cat: So uz goz next?
    dog: OK.
    cat (thinks): Oh Yeah!!!

    webcomic of a young man inside a house with a cat - they spend the day looking at each other while the cat does pushups - young man makes a phone call
    Hello? Is this the vet?…My cat’s doing pushups.
    (whispers) I think he wants to kill me.

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