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  1. Jamie
    Jamie at |

    There is not enough words for the anger I feel over this situation. It is horrific and terrible and there is no way, no way at all, to say that /any/ 11 year old girl /anywhere/, /EVER/ deserves to be gang raped by 18 men. Hell, no person, no being in existence, deserves that, ever. It’s just… Ugh. and to pine about how these poor men have had their lives ruined?!?

    They. Gang. Raped. A. Child.

    It begins and ends there. They get no sympathy from me.

  2. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    It appals me that so many folks seem to have their empathy and justice modes broken. Eighteen men and boys attacking an 11 year old girl? And they’re blaming that child? It’s despair-making.

  3. SunlessNick
    SunlessNick at |

    It really is.

  4. Maureen O'Danu
    Maureen O'Danu at |

    I’ve read a lot about this situation in the past few days, but your headline was the best for cutting through the bullshit. I have a thirteen year old son, and while he’s often in a lot of trouble (I call him the Perpetually Grounded One for a reason), were he to be sexually assaulted, his gender would mean he would get treated as a victim without question, unlike the little girl in Texas.

    What kind of sick f–K thinks an 11 year old deserves rape.

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