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  1. Mindy
    Mindy at |
    Reviews of SF books written by women. Also looking for guest reviewers.

    via Mark Bahnisch on FB.

  2. orlando
    orlando at |

    I clicked through to see what has been said about V.S. Naipaul’s assinine comments, and saw that Echidne has also found a good news story:

    A 22-year-old Australian university student has solved a problem which has puzzled astrophysicists for decades, discovering part of the so-called “missing mass” of the universe during her summer break.
    Undergraduate Amelia Fraser-McKelvie made the breakthrough during a holiday internship with a team at Monash University’s School of Physics, locating the mystery material within vast structures called “filaments of galaxies”.

  3. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    Thanks for the catch, orlando – I meant to link to that story last time around, but it seems I missed it. [Monash Uni link]

  4. Aphie
    Aphie at |

    Amusing comments on the V.S. Naipaul mouthings too (somebody(s) had fun). :)

  5. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    MK, thanks for the link. We’ve blogged about the death of Mr Ward before, but that’s a great article about the overarching systemic flaws in the galloping privatisation of “the security industry” versus the frame they like to push of it just being regrettable acts of individual negligence/reckless indifference.

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