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5 responses to “Where are the women political bloggers? redux”

  1. Chally

    Well said.

  2. tigtog

    Thanks, Chally. Will there ever be a time when this question doesn’t do the rounds every couple of years? And when the women political bloggers say yet again “we’ve been here all along, why aren’t you reading/linking our posts?” will the people asking the question ever not say “it can’t be our fault, you must be Doin It Rong”?

  3. Janet

    I think blogging is pretty thankless for many women even those who get called *shudder* Mummy Bloggers. The hate mail I get is so extreme I’ve now got someone reading it for me. There’s only so many times I can read the sort of stuff I get without starting to lose my hair. The derailing and mansplaining and just plain foul stuff is top grade stuff!

  4. doubleantandre

    Yep – having one of those woozy moments where everything I’m reading about and thinking about seems to converge on one point: when women have opinions they’re condescended, when they stick to them they’re frequently intimidated with threats of rape etc. So: why *wouldn’t* you want to be out there as a political commentator women??

  5. Keira

    This makes me ranty. I’ve changed my reading habits so much that whenever I hear, “where are the women bloggers?” I get confused – all my political favourite bloggers are women.

    Then I remember that I stopped reading most other blogs because I didn’t want to wade through comment sections full of arseholes, and blogs/news sites full of woman-hating garbage everyday. Its just not good for my brain to read the hear the women-want-rape/free-speech-means-screw-you/women-politicians-are-shrill-and-should-wear-nicer-clothes/you-re-only-angry-because-you-aren’t-pretty tropes too often. You are what you read, after all.

    And for that, for my protecting myself, I’ll be told that I don’t “engage”, that I’m not “serious” about politics. It doesn’t matter that I work in politics, volunteer in politics, and read almost exclusively about politics. of course.

    Thank dog for Hoyden About Town, News with Nipples and Al Jazeera!

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