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2 responses to “Ingroups bullying Outgroups: changing targets, consumerism and personal boundaries”

  1. Aqua, of the Questioners

    In these sorts of conversations, I’m always reminded of the time that some friends and I attended a con. We were close to newbies, we were a bit intimidated by all the old-timers chatting with each other, so we stuck together quite a bit. Some time after we got home, we discovered others had interpreted our behaviour as being a snobbish clique.

    I think I’m reminded, because I can never figure out how else that could have gone, and if I could, I think I’d be a good way towards reducing the in-group/outgroup problem at least in my own life.

  2. tigtog

    Aqua, I can see that misunderstanding arising so easily! I also have no other vision of how else it could have gone.

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