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  1. ampersand duck
    ampersand duck at |

    I’ve never been a big fan either, but I do admit that her music is her strength and she can dance up a storm. I just wish she’d leave the movies alone. You can only praise good things, and she just can’t act. I’m looking forward to her latest movie mainly because she isn’t in it. I hope she can direct. She should be able to, her video clips look like she’s been in control of them.

  2. orlando
    orlando at |

    she doesn’t apologize for her talent or for her influence. What comes across quite profoundly when one interviews her is that she is preoccupied with her work and her gifts – just as serious male artists are, who often seem self-absorbed. She has the egoless honesty of the serious artist that reads like ego, especially in women.

    I recall much the same thing being said about Joni Mitchell. I wonder if there are others?

  3. ampersand duck
    ampersand duck at |

    Well, I believe the bit about being serious and ego-less about Joni Mitchell before I’d believe it about Madonna. Serious, yes. Ego-less?

  4. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    Hm, I think Wolf is trying to make a point about what she perceives as a burying of one’s ego in dedication to the work that others misperceive as egotism when it’s actually not about the self. I don’t think she’s meaning that people who are that buried in their art are necessarily ego-less in all aspects of their lives, just that artistic aspect.

    Not sure that I totally buy that producing art can be that divorced from ones ego by anybody, mind you: not even by Joni Mitchell.

  5. blue milk
    blue milk at |

    Great piece of writing, tigtog and thanks for highlighting the piece by Wolf, which I had not come across. Have been a big fan of Madonna for a long time and this was a thought provoking take on her and her career.

  6. Tee
    Tee at |

    Being rock-trivia show tragics, R (partner) and I have been watching the repeats of Spicks ‘n Specks currently airing nightly on ABC2.

    Practically every time Madonna’s name comes up, one of the (mostly male) comedians makes a crack that tends to involve the words “old” and “slut”. It is pretty amazing how predictable this is and the comparative nastiness is jarring.

    Really enjoyed this article about such an extraordinary women.

  7. Jha
    Jha at |

    I know this is late, but I can’t help but get all =/ at the timing of choosing Madonna as Friday Hoyden, right after she criticized M.I.A. for flipping the bird at the Superbowl, given her history of appropriation.

  8. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    Jha, she did? I missed that.

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