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tigtog (aka Viv) is the founder of this blog. She lives in Sydney, Australia: husband, 2 kids, cat, house, garden, just enough wine-racks and (sigh) far too few bookshelves.

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  1. orlando
    orlando at |

    {{{{hugs back}}}}
    Lentil and beef casserole for us both, when things stabilize.

  2. Jo Tamar
    Jo Tamar at |

    TT, sorry the world is being so unpleasant to you at the moment. I hope once the forms are all done that’s it for a bit, and I hope the anaemia lets up, and I hope there are many rainbows and some cake in your near future :)

  3. Mindy
    Mindy at |

    I bet you are probably as tired as Julia Gillard of hearing about Kevin Rudd challenging too. I hope the form filling fairy visits soon and your anemia responds to whatever it is you need to do. (((hugs)))

  4. The Amazing Kim
    The Amazing Kim at |

    Arg, iron pills and injections are the worst. Hope it’s not so serious that you have to resort to those. Best of luck for the job – I’m sure your awesomeness will shine through.

  5. Ariane
    Ariane at |

    Much sympathy for the tired, and shared rage about the form filling requirements, and the pointlessness thereof. I often wonder what percentage of the funding is spent on processing the endless forms. Surely it would actually be cheaper to have a “Student needs X support” (for whatever reason) therefore “Funding is Y” look up table.

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