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7 responses to “Quick Hit: Read This”

  1. Mortisha

    If it is on The Punch, no doubt it is yet another cynical shot at feminist trolling for page hits and link bait only. God it such a fucking predictable and boring way they try to boost page hits.

    I boycott such sites these days as it is a waste of time and energy plus wading through the sludge in the comments section just makes me depressed for humanity.

  2. Mortisha

    Sigh. News Ltd and their promotion of fear & loathing for the $$$.
    It’s like their business model or something.

    All articles like that just give more kudos and bravado to the hate groups as the explained by the latest journal from the Southern Poverty Law centre

    But then hate groups just add more awesome frisson in the news reports – amiright!

  3. Helen

    In addition to all the excellent criticisms Tallulah has raised, the SAHM vs working woman “problem” has only ever been a “problem” for the bourgeoisie. Working class women have ALWAYS worked. Ditto for women in agricultural societies – the more “traditional”the society (a word so beloved of the antifeminists) the more chance women will have to do work other than housework.

    The Punch gives me a case of hives.

  4. StuffedO

    Yay, I can finally laugh through that blinding rage.

  5. Tallulah

    Thank you for the link, darling. I may have squeed a little.

    @helen: I thought about addressing that. I also wanted to talk about “gender roles” and how the idea that men are ‘manly providers’ and women are ‘kitchen-bound kitten-loving chattels’ hurts men (and boys) who like dancing and fashion and women who like trucks – because no, we’re not all the same. But I’d already given the post way more brain space than was advisable. :)

  6. Helen

    Oh, no, I didn’t want to do a “why don’t you blog about that other thing” comment. I hate those. Sorry not for making myself clear – I knew you appreciated that aspect but wanted to keep the post length within bounds!

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