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3 responses to “Squee-Files: Galactic Suburbia nominated for a Hugo!”

  1. blunt shovels

    OMG!! I squeed when I saw that the latest episode had landed but hadn’t had time to listen yet. Thanks a million, Hoydenz, for telling me about this podcast. It’s become a must-listen in my crowded [whatever the collective noun for a podcast is] of podcasts.

  2. Lauredhel

    I squeed SO LOUD. Am halfway through the episode, and chuckling along. People may be looking at me strangely.

    It’s an awesome achievement, and in such a strong field of podcasts – I’d love Galactic Suburbia to win, but I’d cheer on the other possible winners too.

  3. Jo Tamar

    Oh, that’s FABULOUS.

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