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Helen has been writing at the Cast Iron Balcony since 2003. She has been a proud contributor to the Australian Group blogs Road to Surfdom, Larvatus Prodeo and Progressive Dinner Party. She's a blogger, she's a grinner, she's a mother, she's a sinner. She plays her music in the sun.

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  1. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    I just went in to edit this post to add an image description in the alt-text, and found that I had automatically described the otter as “him”. I fixed it on the next edit within seconds, but wow.

    This default gender stuff is truly insidious.

  2. Julie
    Julie at |

    Somehow weeks that involve public holidays (which of course should be excellent), instead end up being horrible, problem filled days with much less time to sort things in.

    But now it is the weekend. And I am going to get my hair cut in a few hours, and have a lunch tomorrow to go to. And my best friend had a baby this week as well, which is of course exciting.

  3. Mindy
    Mindy at |

    At Wellington airport waiting for our flight. Hoping that the kids fall asleep on the way home because they are cranky pants and the slightest thing brings tears (including being told not to read my comments). It could be an interesting flight. Then home tomorrow to see if the cats are still talking to us and how many mice, grasshoppers etc are currently residing in our house. I’m sure the chookies will be pleased to see us anyway.

    NZ has been wonderful. I could happily live here I think if the need arose but I’m banking on Malcolm rising if need be.

  4. YetAnotherMatt
    YetAnotherMatt at |

    Okay, a friend has unclogged our intertubes, and he didn’t even use a plunger because we only have instant.

    During a recent discussion, being “recent” from the perspective of someone clogged, I had a discussion with someone about “Politically correct bullshit” *Twitch clench* with someone who should know better if they’d ever turn their intelligence to the idea instead of jerking their knees at it.

    I asked for their definition of “polite” and “politically correct”, hoping for something I could set examples against to cause some thought.

    Has anyone else had this discussion, or have some definitions they have found useful in getting smart people to stop saying stupid thing that they might be willing to share?

  5. thia
    thia at |

    Just a quick drive by – I was catching up on reading posts here from a while ago, and saw the LOLWUT pear on Helen’s post about No Sad Songs For Me. (Which I haven’t seen, and likely never will.) And I just had to point out that the original artist is Ursula Vernon, the original image the Biting Pear of Salamanca, and that while she has a blog up on her website, her livejournal includes her gardening posts as well. And her writing style is just as entertaining and amazing as her art. (And her webcomic Digger is a very good read, is finished, and the lead character is a rather pragmatic wombat.)

  6. Sunset
    Sunset at |

    I’m feeling very blue, I’ve got insomnia and my kids have been tearful all day. I don’t think I can take the otter being disappointed with me as well.

    *remembers there is a remnant of chocolate in the fridge*

  7. Aqua of the Questioners
    Aqua of the Questioners at |

    @Sunset, I am so sorry to hear that. I wasn’t really happy about the otter being disappointed with us either, but wasn’t sure if it was worth making a fuss. For your sake, I say the otter is disappointed with the insomnia and your kids being difficult.

  8. YetAnotherMatt
    YetAnotherMatt at |

    thanks for the link, and yes, of the nine photos of members of the national board of the organisation my friend works for, seven of them appear to be men in ties. I’m still stirring my mind soup to see what floats to the surface, what might get a few of their brain cells to spark on the matter. I’ll keep looking, see if I can pick up any other useful tips.

  9. Sunset
    Sunset at |

    Thanks, Aqua. Whatever the otter thinks, at least our chooks are happier with us. We sorted out a new run today and they have been happily mining the rich vein of insect life around the compost bins. The kids are happier today, too. Now to get some sleep. ‘night all.

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