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4 responses to “Friday Hoyden: Kathrine Switzer”

  1. Tamara

    What an amazing person! Thanks for this one Mindy.

  2. Aqua of the Questioners

    It’s really hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that women can’t run marathons. And even harder to imagine the determination of these women to do it anyway (both Switzer and Gibb, the previous year). So, yeah, wow! And thanks.

    It’s particularly ironic, because in ultra marathons, they don’t even have separate men’s and women’s divisions – there’s no difference in ability. I’m glad some things have changed.

  3. Anna

    Such an inspiring story of her! She must have had a huge amount of willpower and passion. That’s really a big deal!

  4. Laura

    Such a gorgeous woman! Her story is really amazing, it can inspire every woman. Thanks for posting this!

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