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4 responses to “Femmostroppo Reader, October 14 2012”

  1. Aqua, of the Questioners

    Heh. I was just checking to see if you’d seen gawker on the exposure of the jailbait/creepshots troll, and it’s the first thing here!

    It’s a useful datapoint when arguing against people who claim online harassment is done by teenage and young men who haven’t learnt social skills and haven’t had their first girlfriend yet. Also, not exactly socially isolated in his mother’s basement.

  2. Rosie

    We at the University of Queensland Wom*n’s Collective released our online zine on Sept 28. The theme is ‘bodies’ and there are a variety of articles including an interview with a nudist, menstruation in art, and why victim blaming is wrong!

    Charlotte’s Bodies: Taking up Space article was featured in the 53rd Down Under Feminists Carnival :-)!

  3. ollie

    I wrote a bit about National Coming Out Day. I also wrote about gender in sports, and how tricky it can be to navigate sport when you’re trans*.

  4. Mindy

    What an academic who wrote her dissertation on trolls thinks of Violentacrez

    The post is quite fascinating in its own right, but this bit really stood out for me:

    whether or not the troll “really” hates women, for example, doesn’t matter if the targeted women feel hated.

    Maybe some of the MSM commenters need to read this and understand why Tony Abbott does have a problem with women.

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