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4 responses to “Lazy vicious marginalisation from Vagenda at New Statesman”

  1. Lauredhel

    Caitlin Moran? Yeah, she had me at “I have all the joyful ebullience of a retard”.


  2. AMM

    I seem to have missed this particular squabble, which is probably just as well.

    I did read Flavia Dzodan’s piece, and I thought it was pretty obvious what she was talking about, and what at least she means by “intersectionality,” and I’m generally pretty far out of pretty much any loop.

    By contrast, I’ve read the quote from Vagenda a couple of times, and it slips through my mind like water through my fingers.

  3. orlando

    Complete strawfeminist. Like Abbott saying he won’t apologise for being a dad. No one complained about Moran being too easy to understand, they complained about her rudely dismissing people who asked her to think about the many women who don’t happen to be white.

    I read Flavia’s post when she first put it up. I didn’t realise it had become one of those ‘seminal pieces’, I’m very glad. I can’t believe those people couldn’t even be arsed to put in an attribution.

  4. tree

    So, basically what they’re saying is that they want their feminism to lack the intellectual curiosity to look up the meaning of words they don’t know? There’s an app for that!

    I’m heartened that the majority of the comments to the article seem to be calling their authors on their bullshit.

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