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  1. Aqua, of the Questioners
    Aqua, of the Questioners at |

    I used to be pretty up on fallacies, and this concept doesn’t immediately set off bells. I’m not sure the concept has been needed much before. I’ve noticed that social justice in general has created new terminology – I honestly suspect the problem is that “reason”, “logic” and being able to beat dead horses was only really available to privileged white men with university educations. Or at least, anyone else would be quickly shouted down as ignorant or incompetent.

    (Schrodinger’s Rapist, who I personally think is better called the Baysian Rapist; Not My Nigel; JAQ “Just Asking Questions”; Some of my best friends are [black/gay/Jewish]; Moff’s Law; etc)

  2. SunlessNick
    SunlessNick at |

    I can’t think of another term for the phenomenon. And that’s a good one.

  3. angharad
    angharad at |

    You know I’ve read a few of these ‘but what can we call the people who really hate women?’ comments over the last couple of weeks, and I think I’ve decided my answer would be ‘how about ‘jerks’?’ or, you know, any similar epithet of your choice.

  4. Aqua of the Questioners
    Aqua of the Questioners at |

    We could also call them misogynists. It’s like “oh, we can’t call him a rapist when there’s much worse rape”. It seems to mainly kick in around sexism (or social justice in general?) No-one has any problem calling a convicted thief a criminal when there are much worse criminals; a tax cheat a tax cheat whether for a small amount or large; or even a murderer a murderer, regardless of the details of the murder(s).

    (I also want to know where these men are having all these intense discussions about misogynists-who-really-hate-all-women, so I can see just how important the word really is to them. But that’s probably needlessly hostile.)

  5. angharad
    angharad at |

    Good point Aqua. As for where, look at the comment thread on any recent MSM article (if you can bear it) about either that speech , or the subsequent announcement by the Macquarie Dictionary.

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