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7 responses to “Quick hit: Is this satire?”

  1. Tamara

    I’m going with poor attempt at satire, based on summaries of the author’s previous work at the Telegraph. Not OTT enough to be funny.

  2. Jane S

    You mean those poor men have to deal with women having expectations in the bedroom? And maybe, being assertive about it? Personally I find fifty shades revolting and misogynist, but that editorial had my eyes rolling so far back in my head I had to prise them back with a spoon.

  3. Moz Has No Hobbies

    It reads more like poor writing to me. Perhaps weakly trying to reminisce about the old days when women knew their place and didn’t demand sex. While at the same time kinda wishing that some woman would demand sex? The writing doesn’t seem sure whether those demands are good or bad, but a quick dig at feminism is never out of place. And then on to poking clumsily in the direction of old people having sex.

    I see his other books are about sportsmanship, and at the risk of unfairly judging him, perhaps he’s a man’s man who’s not really into the whole “women” thing? They’re different, you know, not like us men. I mean… um, you’re different, you being a woman and all. Ahem. Ooops. Aaah, moving right along?

  4. angharad

    I started out thinking it was satire then began to think it was probably serious by the time I got to the middle. Perhaps it worked out that way when he was writing it too…

  5. David Irving (no relation)

    I reckon it was a whinge about women thinly disguised as satire, in case anyone calls him on his bullshit.

  6. Helen

    So… One pulp novel series and one little-known aga saga


    The entire porn industry?????

    Whose expectations again?

    Really,he has to be joking.

  7. Helen

    There was an interview on RN the other day with a very funny woman who has started a website for adolescent boys to educate them on *their* expectations because of the problem of unreal expectations, mainly because an abdication on the part of adults of sex education leading to the kids using porn as the only alternative.

    e.g. Ladies’ ladybits are not all totally hairless! They may actually have hair down there and no, it’s their choice as to whether they wax it off or not!

    This IS an actual problem, contrary to that ridiculous article.

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