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Mindy is trying to think deep thoughts but keeps getting... oooh shiny thing!

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5 responses to “Whimsy”

  1. Arcadia

    Quick, someone alert The Bloggess…

  2. tigtog

    Diana Prince’s Diary

    villains apprehended: 0 (total failure); fights with Batman: 3; drunk texts to Steve Trevor: 4 (v. bad)

  3. tigtog

    The Hoff as Captain Hook, posing on KITT’s hood. Thank goodness he simply does not take himself seriously.

    David Hasselfhoff in full costume as Captain Hook, draped across the bonnet of KITT, the car he drive when he starred in _Knight Rider_

  4. tigtog

    Emergency Cute StuffEmergency Cute Stuff
    For those moments when you really need to look at a puppy (or something else that’s cute).

  5. tigtog

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