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3 responses to “Nugget of Awesome: He-Man Woman-Haters Club”

  1. Megpie71

    It should be noted that even the exceptions are not absolute. Should mother ever do something less-than-saintly, such as take the opposite side to her little boy in an argument, she will rapidly wind up on the “suck” pile as well. Ditto for if wife ever wavers in her support (or worse still, tells him to perform some household chore he didn’t want to do right at that moment) or when the daughters decide they have minds of their own (and by the way, Dad, some of your attitudes suck!).

  2. tigtog

    Regarding a recent example of he-man woman-hating rants, that of Tony Harris the comics artist, Stephanie Zvan has today shown that Harris does not even understand Google Image Search. This takedown is a thing of beauty. (Steph’s post includes links to the rant and various fisks and rebuttals elsewhere)

  3. SunlessNick

    Should mother ever do something less-than-saintly…

    Or fail to prevent father doing so.

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