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  1. paul walter
    paul walter at |

    Times change.
    Once, as to loin cloths, you would have thought of Jeffrey Hunter, in less theological circumstances, Johnny Weissmuller.
    As a creation yourself of culture, these days you think of Lex Barker.
    Now, Lex Barker was a later Tarzan, a nice boy matinee idol of the ‘fifties who ended up being hitched to Lana Turner and her unfortunate daughter, to the misfortune of all concerned.
    These days, the Golden Years of Hollywood are no longer about the wondrous fantasy world of Hollywood, but grainer stuff about what went on about the place behind all the closed doors and spin, which is why you’ll guess that there is a cultural impact on my reading of tigtog’s thread mediated by changing times, tv tastes and life experience.
    The moral is, don’t trust appearances. A different info sheet in a different era and you’ll wonder how you could get your youthful assessments of “stars” as so totally in error as you did.

  2. orlando
    orlando at |

    Shag Errol, marry Dale, cliff Conan. He can keep his boots for the trip down, they’re too fussy.

  3. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    Rather liking Henry Cavill’s Superman boots. Will have to wait until June/July 2013 to see them in action though. Sigh.

    Henry Cavill as Superman in a dark blue unitard with red cape and boots.  There are no external undies.

  4. Vera
    Vera at |

    Johnny Weismuller’s thighs are pretty much the finest things there ever was.

    And you can’t make me choose among Uhura, Barbarella and Xena. I’m keeping them all.

  5. angharad
    angharad at |

    I love me some boots. Love love love. Google ‘steampunk boots’ if you want to see some awesome boots.

    Conan is totally going over the cliff, but I might keep Errol just for the clothes. As for Flash Gordon I prefer the 1980 version.

  6. Mindy
    Mindy at |

    Is everyone else going “Flash! Ahahha he’ll save everyone of us!”

  7. mimbles
    mimbles at |

    @Mindy Well, I am NOW! #earwormed :-)

  8. David Irving (no relation)
    David Irving (no relation) at |

    orlando, my mum called someone Errol Flynn if they fucked everything they touched. (As an aside, we called the same sort of people “passion fingers” in the army.) So, almost zero chance of not shagging Our Errol.

  9. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    I’m imagining that as fubaring their tasks rather than otherwise, and rather enjoying the incongruity of the “passion fingers” nickname as a result. Am I right, or is it the more prosaic meaning?

  10. Aphie
    Aphie at |

    I’m sorry, but in my world nobody’s boots will ever beat

    (moderators, a little help, please?)
    Because the hairy chest, 80s perm, froofy shirt and Kevin Kline is just a killer combo. Though Errol certainly makes a damn good attempt.

    I am ashamed to say that I have never seen Barbarella, but the plastic fantastic hairdo makes me want to cliff her so I don’t have to look at it. I’d bang boots with Xena then release her into the wild for further adventures, and setup a sensible, adventuring household with Uhura with all the modcons. Like teleporters.

  11. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    Aphie, if you left some embedding code then the blog software will have stripped it out. A page link is the best way for us to work our admin magic. However, I’m sure I know the picture you mean (to Google!).

  12. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    Aphie, it must surely be one of these:
    Kevin Kline as the Pirate King in Pirates of Penzance strikes an extremely heroic (in the Blackadder sense) pose as he leads his motley crew (including Angela Lansbury).  His thigh high boots look mighty fine.

    Kevin Kline as the Pirate King stands on a spar just above the stern of his ship, beside the skull and crossbone flag.  His pose is not quite so heroic as above, but the thigh high boots are still looking FINE.

    Kevin Kline on the set of Pirates of Penzance.  He is looking pensive rather than heroic, standing cross-legged in an archway with his hands resting above him on the arch. His thigh high boots are still MIGHTY FINE.

  13. Aphie
    Aphie at |


    Being raised on that video has done something irreversible to my psyche. Thigh high boots *drools*

  14. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    I just shifted over to my laptop and couldn’t see the 3rd Kevin Kline image above, so just in case that’s happening to other people you can see it on IMDB at

  15. angharad
    angharad at |

    What is that thing in his belt?

  16. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    I believe it is a significant parchment.

  17. Aphie
    Aphie at |

    *may have that particular film memorised*
    Tis. But not knowing what it is, it looks a mite dodgy.

  18. David Irving (no relation)
    David Irving (no relation) at |

    Sorry, togtog @ 9, I was swapping between meanings a bit. A passion-fingers (or, for my mum, Errol Flynn) is someone who wrecks everything he touches, but I was also responding to orlando’s statement about shagging Our Errol.

  19. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    Thanks David, I was mostly on the same page with you then. Is there anything that goes on in the military that doesn’t end up with a sex-related nickname?

  20. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    This comment over at Whatever got me thinking:

    My comic shop guy showed me Holy Terror when it came out. I paged through it and diagnosed Frank Miller with a case of what I call “Heroes syndrome”. This is when people who put together successful creative work tragically and utterly misidentify what made that work successful and proceed to crank all the crappy elements we were tolerating up to 11 while neglecting the good bits we were staying around for. Then when this results in a lukewarm reception, they repeat this process until the good bits disappear entirely and what’s left is desperate self-caricature.

    I didn’t actually realize the internet more or less concurred in this reading until checking out some of the material surrounding Miller-related stuff above, so hey, thanks!

    Methinks Steven Moffat might be on the verge of Heroes syndrome with the Whoniverse. Please please please for him to get back on track. Don’t Fuck It Up, Moff.

  21. orlando
    orlando at |

    To me “passion fingers” sounds like a teatime treat. I’m thinking little bars of sponge with passionfruit icing, or some such.

  22. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    Just saw this quote via Pavlov’s Cat on FB:

    ‘ … they re-started filming. But again they had to stop as the instantly recognisable riff of the James Bond theme rang out on set. The veteran Dench apologised sheepishly as she reached into her pocket and took out her mobile phone.’

    The latest Bond movies seem to have the opposite to a case of Heroes Syndrome: they’ve very accurately identified what keeps people coming back for more and they keep on packaging it slickly and satisfyingly. Pure escapist tosh, of course – but it’s not pretending to be anything more than that. Very much looking forward to Skyfall.

  23. Mindy
    Mindy at |

    I have heard good things about Skyfall. I am going to book the grandparents for Boxing Day and take MyNigel to Les Miserables. Even with Russell Crowe singing.

  24. angharad
    angharad at |

    I don’t suppose Russell Crowe singing could be any worse than Clint Eastwood…

  25. Mindy
    Mindy at |

    I have heard from early reviews that he isn’t too bad but that others are much better.

  26. David Irving (no relation)
    David Irving (no relation) at |

    ” Is there anything that goes on in the military that doesn’t end up with a sex-related nickname?”

    Possibly, tigtog, but the only thing that springs to mind is getting drunk.

  27. MrRabbit
    MrRabbit at |

    You know, I hope that’s the picture the media uses when, in the hopefully distant future, Connery passes away. Pretty please.

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