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  1. Arcadia
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    For the astronomy enthusiasts:

  2. Ali
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  3. Schmeedle
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    One of my favourite flash mobs – Sound of Music

    “Putting on the Ritz” made me smile and tear up a little. What fun!

  4. Mindy
    Mindy at | *

    @annabelcrabb: Mr Abbott promises that, as PM, he will never whine about being discriminated against because he is a man.

    @grogsgamut: White man says he won’t complain about being a white man. Seriously, is The Onion writing Abbott’s media talking points now?


    Somedays I love my Twitter feed.

  5. Mindy
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  6. Arcadia
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    baby yoga instructor, super cute!

  7. iorarua
    iorarua at |

    That Baby yoga instructor is brilliant, Arcadia!

    As for ‘Putting on the Ritz’, I first saw (and loved) this a few months ago and alerted some friends at the time – great to see it again! Has to be the best flashmob video around at the moment. Apart from the title dig at Putin, there’s also a few subtle political sendups too, like the sinister man with mobile at 1:58 (innocent observer or what??) and the dancing Spetsnaz soldiers.

    Here’s my contribution, which came in my email tody. Gorgeous table-turning sendup of BandAid. Enjoy.

  8. tigtog
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  9. Kath
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    Good flash mobs always make me cry.

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