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19 responses to “Otterday! And Open Thread.”

  1. tigtog

    reposting (and slightly expanding) comment left on last week’s open thread last night (oops): Have just returned from seeing the latest Bond flick, and am very grateful to the internets at large for playing nice with spoilers! I will too. This film had a nice dark feel to it, a storyline I cared about more than usual, and Javier Bardem found so much scenery so very, very tasty in a most compelling way. An improvement by far on the previous Bond movie.

  2. Aqua of the Questioners

    Psst: the producers of “Mongolian Bling” say it’s a documentary about Mongolian rap and hip hop, which it is, but it’s mostly about Gennie, the leading female rapper in Mongolia. That’s totally justified, she has the most interesting and political subject matter, the best style (to my ear), and her relationship with her grandmother, a traditional singer, is fabulous and clearly part of what makes her awesome.

    It’s only on iView a few more days, I only got the chance to watch myself this morning.

  3. mimbles

    My father dumped a Skyfall spoiler on me yesterday, the rotter!

    But then I discovered this morning that he fell in his bathroom in the middle of the night and did hideous things to a kneecap so I can’t be cross with him now. He’s in surgery this afternoon, hope it can all be put back together ok. Dad lives alone so he had to drag himself to the bedroom to get the phone (which he used to call my mum, not 000, habit of 37 years of marriage I suppose, Mum rang the ambo) and then to the lounge room to find the after hours number for the building manager so the security door could be opened.

    I’m supposed to be baking fruit mince pies right now but Adam bought prawns and oysters for lunch and then opened a bottle of riesling so the whole being productive thing has had to be postponed. :-)

  4. tigtog

    I approve of that sort of postponing, Mim! Hope your dad’s surgery and recovery goes well.

    * * *

    Tumblr discovery of the day: Escher Girls

    Float like a butterfly, Sting like a WTF!?

    This is a blog to archive and showcase the prevalence of certain ways women are depicted in illustrated pop media, specifically how women are posed, drawn, distorted, and sexualized out of context, often in ridiculous, impossible or disturbing ways that sacrifice storytelling.

  5. mimbles

    Post surgery report from the surgeon was not good news. There was serious damage to the quadriceps tendon, “sliced a chunk out of it” was the phrase used, it had to be shortened and reattached. He’s lost a bit of bone and cartilage and there’s some question over whether the flap of skin that had to be put back over his knee has enough blood supply left to heal properly.

    However, on the baking front things are going well. Adam has 2 Christmas cakes and a Christmas pudding underway and is making moves towards fruit mince pie pastry production.

  6. tigtog

    Mim, I’m sorry to hear that about your dad’s knee/thigh. It’s more important than most realise for movement in general. Best wishes for your dad’s optimal recovery with full rehabilitative therapy.

    The baking, however, sounds wonderful. NomNomNomNomNom.

  7. Aphie

    So Tumblr has become my Happy Place x1000 in recent months due to the mix of fat positive, feminist, historic fashion and pop culture tumblogs I follow.

    Latest find to have both myself and YAM cackling over each others’ shoulders; Escher Girls, artistic critique of the spinecracking poses comic books often depict female characters in.
    Can’t decide if I laughed harder at The Sexy Avengers in Coy Lingerie Poses or CatWoman’s butt-blocking of Batman.

  8. tigtog
  9. Aphie

    I also appear to lack reading skills?! Sorry!

  10. tigtog

    Nah, just understandable enthusiasm for a great new blog :)

  11. Jan Ashby

    For the person who posted about the latest Bond film – thanks!

    I was looking for a holiday flick to take my hubby too, and it seems as though I’ve now found it. He likes James Bond films in general, and Daniel Craig is such a consummate actor.

    At least I think so. He has a depth to him, and is quite natural on screen. He was in the film, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” – and I thought he put out a great performance.

    Anyway thanks, & have a good holiday.

  12. Tom

    Does anyone remember the 1980s series Degrassi Junior High? They were willing to depict one of their schoolgirl characters going to an abortion clinic. Needless to say, several television stations across North America refused to screen the episode under pressure from anti-abortion groups, particularly in the U.S. South.

  13. SunlessNick

    An improvement by far on the previous Bond movie.

    I was really disappointed by it, though Debi Pless explains why here and here(spoiler warnings) better than I could.

    Best wishes for your Dad, Mimbles.

    Does anyone know where I could find some good info on Mayan food? With the end of the current Long Count in a week and a half, it seems the cuisine for that night.

  14. Tom

    What is the estimated life of a DVD? or a CD for that matter?

    I seem to remember that analogue magnetic audio tape was originally estimated to last about 20 years, but in retrospect it seems to last roughly 40 years, under good storage conditions, before serious degradation. I think DAT was originally given an estimate of 10 years or something along those lines.

    I would guess that magnetic videotape would last about as long as pro quality audio tape, before the oxide started to degrade enough to cause noticeable problems.

    But what about aluminum-coated plastic?

    For what it’s worth, my CDs of Monty Python’s “Final Rip-off” album (purchased in 1989) were indeed a rip-off, as the title purported. The metal coating has visibly oxidized/deteriorated (full of little holes), and many CD players will refuse to play them at all. On those machines where they will play, the sound is VERY distorted. These are the only CDs I’ve ever had problems with.

    The Babylonians got it right the first time around – baked clay tablets last a very long time, indeed.

  15. mimbles

    Dad’s knee update: He has moved today to a rehab hospital, so far everything seems to be happening as it should.

  16. tigtog

    mimbles, glad to hear he’s been shifted to a rehab facility. He may be there for a while, but at least he’ll be getting the best specialist therapist attention.

  17. mimbles

    Yeah, the hospital staff kept using the phrase “going home soon” but switched promptly to “transfer to rehab” when Dad said “I live on my own.” He’s been told to expect to be there for at least 3 weeks, and it could be quite a bit longer.

  18. tigtog

    Seriously, he’ll end up with a better result from being in rehab – he’ll have a regular therapy schedule there. If he wasn’t living alone, if he was being sent home to a supportive but busy family, it’s most unlikely that he’d end up getting sufficient therapy in this crucial healing stage (normal families don’t have the proper equipment, for a start).

  19. mimbles

    I must admit I was a little disconcerted at going home being suggested, I had assumed rehab would be the way to go irrespective of living arrangements, it was very clear it was needed!

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