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5 responses to “Friday Hoyden: Hrotsvit von Gandersheim”

  1. Feminist Avatar

    Also, ‘the Strong Voice’- what an awesome claim to authority!

  2. Aqua, of the Questioners

    I know of her because she has one of the 39 place settings in Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party. I don’t recall her ever being mentioned anywhere else until this blog post!

  3. Sunset

    Yay for Hrotsvit! I learnt of her at Uni.

  4. Orlando

    @Sunset – it wasn’t me lecturing, was it? I am always very careful when giving theatre history lectures to flag her as the first post-Classical playwright. Glad to hear I may not be alone.

    I thought of making this post on the “three wise H’s”: Hrotsvit, Hildegard and Heloise, but they really deserve to each have their own.

  5. Sunset

    Orlando, it was Philippa Maddern at UWA a long time ago. Looking forward to Hildegard and Heloise.

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