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3 responses to “Cultural diversity vs feminism”

  1. tigtog

    Excellent post, Shonias. It’s one of the most insidious aspects of kyriarchy, that those pointing out injustice/oppression from a moral position are often perversely unwilling to listen to the solutions offered up by the oppressed themselves.

  2. Kat McFerran

    Really fascinating article – thanks for articulating such a complex topic. Might be worth noting that on December 8 the
    UN Climate Conference adopted a decision to enhance gender balance in negotiations, which seems to be in keeping with this point. Found this information in a fantastic timeline on Gender Equality steps taken in 2012 at

  3. Ariane

    Thanks Kat – it’s nice to see people are considering gender as a stake in negotiations. However, it needs to be more than just gender, all subgroups need to be heard.

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