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  1. paul walter
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    Eva Cox is a responsible educated commenter investigating a semantic issue involving character and personality formation and how that pertains to accurately describing certain traits that own certain subjects without their knowledge and the implication for politics involving this feature.
    She has worked out how/where/when he has been fouled, in his conditioning in his younger years if not at a foundational pathological level and is demonstrating objectively and without malice, why this a flaw in his candidacy for pm ( consider the job description ), rather than merely venting off the frustration a lot of people feel toward him and politicians like him.
    The evidence of the last twenty years shows there IS a doubt as to character and personality, Cox doesn’t advocate he be punished for being what he is, just removed from politics to some where else where he may do some good and bring less harm both to himself and others (fire-fighting?
    Now, Milanda Rout is a different proposition. A long term Murdoch scribbler and rarely have I read much of value from her pen, but it’s not her fault, she has to pay rent too and to paraphrase phrase the song, probably “works hard for the money”.

  2. Eden
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    Grrrr…. There’s no way Rout didn’t know she was misrepresenting Cox to shoehorn her into the Australia article. What a complete failure of ethics.

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