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6 responses to “200 years of Lizzy Bennet”

  1. Eden

    And the Lizzie Bennet Diaries are bringing it back, again. I love the story so much that I will watch pretty much any retelling.

  2. tree

    *points at title* it’s LIZZY.

  3. tigtog

    Grauniad – Pride and Prejudice at 200: looking afresh at Austen’s classic
    Mr Bennet’s a bully, Elizabeth can’t stand women and Mr Darcy needs therapy. On the 200th anniversary of Austen’s novel, writers from PD James to Sebastian Faulks offer new readings

  4. tigtog

    Tree, since it depends which edition you read, I’ve made sure that both spellings will be google-able for this post.

  5. Ali

    “Oh come Mr Wickham! We are brother and sister you know. Let us put these quarrels behind us.” Or something it that effect.
    Oh and every conversation she ever had with Lady de Burgh.
    Hurrah too for Jennifer Ehle and that wonderful cast!

  6. Aphie

    OMG the Lizzie Bennett Diaries on youtube!

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