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13 responses to “February Whimsy: Shenanigans edition”

  1. tigtog

    I love the latest xkcd – Bridge

  2. Arcadia
  3. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    I saw this video on Man Boobz the other day.

    I iz ded of cute.

  4. Helen

    This collection of WTF animal shots is wonderful.
    The horsey ones are especially funny although I’d question the wisdom of putting trousers on one, as they’re experts in panicking, getting more tangled up and injuring themselves.

    Naturally, the Pony riding Pugalier is my fave.
    Although the “dog which doesn’t look like a dog” is pretty wonderful- BWAHAHAHA.

  5. tigtog

    Sometimes when I need brain bleach I just scroll through Man Boobz comment threads without reading the comments, just looking for the videos they put up. I get some quality brain bleach that way. Also David finds the best videos to put in his posts, like this one of a bunch of middle-aged men dancing/strutting in the middle of the countryside:

  6. tigtog

    ALL the Star Trek bloopers! via The Mary Sue

  7. Aqua of the Questioners

    Due to the merger of Penguin and Random House, book covers with random penguins:

  8. tigtog
  9. Aqua of the Questioners
  10. tigtog

    I hadn’t seen that hoopsmeister otter yet, thank you! (I edited your comment to do some admin video magic)

  11. tigtog

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