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2 responses to “International Women’s Day Concert To Benefit IWDA”

  1. Mindy

    This looks like an amazing event. Quite cranky that I won’t be able to get there.

  2. Helen

    We’ll be going.
    Tas has been friends for years with a boy whose dad died when he was about 10. There are three kids in the family. I don’t know whether there were other factors apart from the sad fact that a family member was dying, but the kid’s mum, who also became a friend, was beaten down and sad.
    About a year later she mentioned she’d joined “a singing group”, as if it was a workshop or something. It was the Rebelles. She blossomed, her face opened, she had tales to tell of her adventures.
    When she’s on stage she beams. Having a ball.
    Highly recommended, if you like the Chiffons, Supremes, Shirelles et al. But what hoyden doesn’t ?!

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