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  1. QoT
    QoT at |

    It’s easy: if a thin person has erectile dysfunction it’s because there’s something medically wrong which can be fixed. If a fat person has erectile dysfunction it’s because they’re a terrible person and the universe is punishing them.

  2. Gunnar Tveiten
    Gunnar Tveiten at |

    And of course all fat people are unfit and need to exercise more, while the same thing isn’t true for thin people.

    I am fat. I run a half-marathon every week. I also make one shorter run, swim a mile, and train strength twice a week.

    I’m more fit, and stronger, than the large majority of thin people. How come I’m told I need to work out, while they’re not ?

    Oh, that’s right. My fat is proof positive that I can’t possibly be doing anything right.

  3. Feminist Avatar
    Feminist Avatar at |

    They did a study in Scotland a while back on w.class men’s health and why men were ‘resistant’ to changing their eating/ excercise/ drinking habits, and discovered that Scottish women like beer bellies and think they’re sexy and that men think they’re manly, and the combination meant that there was status in having a gut. This might seem odd, but many w.class Scottish men are short and so if they’re skinny as well, I can see that they might have more difficulty appearing ‘manly’ than someone heavier (according to definitions of manliness that revolve around men as protectors and so needing to be larger than women- which is not a universal of course).

  4. SunlessNick
    SunlessNick at |

    However, overweight men should view the prospect of impotence as a compelling motivation to lead a different lifestyle

    Seeing as how I’d love to never get another erection, does that mean I can be as fat as I like?

  5. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help
    The Kittehs' Unpaid Help at |

    If guys feel all unmanly and so on ’cause they can’t see their penises, does that mean they should be running around nekkid and with a mirror at all times?

  6. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    Did not need that mental image, ta.

    Heading off to whimsy thread for brain bleach.

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