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Lauredhel is an Australian woman and mother with a disability. She blogs about disability and accessibility, social and reproductive justice, gender, freedom from violence, the uses and misuses of language, medical science, otters, gardening, and cooking.

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25 responses to “Otterday! And Open Thread”

  1. angharad

    It’s been crazy birthday week at my place. My sons have birthdays two days apart (with three years between them) and one of them shares a birthday with one of their cousins. We don’t often have parties for them, but I like to make them birthday cakes. This year I went all out geek…

    Cake One
    Cake Two

  2. Eden

    Those cakes look awesome angharad! A+ parenting.

    These otters always makes my week better. Thanks lauredhel :)

  3. tigtog

    Week 2 of singing group went well :)

    Just vegging out today, listening to the downpour and noodling out some code.

  4. angharad

    Rain? What is this rain of which you speak?

  5. Aqua of the Questioners

    Today is a reminder that summer isn’t over yet, after a pleasantly cooler couple of weeks. Yuck!

    Well done on the cakes, angharad. I hope all the blue food colouring comes through your systems soon!

  6. angharad

    Thanks guys. We’re all pretty blue on the inside right now.

  7. tigtog

    Lauredhel, google is not helping with blue dragon names! Disappointed.

  8. Jo

    Tigtog, what sort of singing group are you going to? I went to my choir again last Wednesday after dropping out for a semester, it was so, so lovely. :)

    We had some really nice cool days in Brisbane (with rain), but today it was a lot warmer and muggier again. Figures.

  9. Pen

    Get Up are running a campaign to support the new federal anti-discrimination bill. There’s been a lot of opposition to the bill in the Australian and by groups who are very comfortable discriminating against others – it might need some support from people who think unlawful discrimination is actually a bit shit.

    The Senate Committee report is here

  10. Pen
  11. angharad

    Khellendros is the name of a blue dragon from the DragonLance series (which is an offshoot of D&D). Sadly they are evil in this universe, but they supposedly nevertheless work well with humans and have lightning breath.

  12. Mindy

    To no-ones surprise Telstra were condescending shits when I finally got escalated to local call centre operatives. The support people in the Phillipines were lovely as always but they don’t give them all the information they need to answer the queries. Could have saved myself hours of waiting on hold if they had had the right info from the beginning. Bring on the NBN so I’m not stuck with the fuckers.

  13. The Amazing Kim

    I thought this article about “Media Refusal and Conspicuous Non-Consumption: The Performative and Political Dimensions of Facebook Abstention” was interesting, although it doesn’t describe the reasons I’m not on Facebook.

  14. Aphie

    @lauredhel Temeraire or Nitidus?

    My tribalstyle bellydance class is being extremely difficult.

  15. Schmeedle

    Perth Writers Festival weekend – Margaret Atwood was rather delightful.

  16. tigtog

    *iz jellus*

  17. tigtog

    Ugh, Seth McFarlane as host at the Oscars is even worse than I imagined. That poor audience – at least I can hit the mute button whenever his gob is flapping.

  18. Anon

    Cool llamas and cool compassion by cool guy here (I hope).

    I am not cool.
    Nor tech savvy. :-)

  19. Mindy

    Duplicate comment and broken link removed ~ M

  20. Mindy

    Unfollowed two guys who don’t get it today. Added bonus, one of them referred to people calling out the bullshit as ‘shrill’.

  21. Anon

    Thanks, Mindy!

  22. Arcadia

    Rape prevention advice! Useless, insulting, bizarre and some of it, unachievable (vomit on demand? I can’t, and yes, you read that right).

    The comments are headdesk material.

  23. angharad

    I can belch on demand. That’s almost vomiting. But it also requires a degree of conscious self-control that’s probably hard to achieve when someone’s trying to assault you.

    Also a friend of mine was sexually assaulted whilst vomiting into a toilet, so you know, not a sure thing even if you can manage it.

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