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  1. fmark
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    The excision is abhorrent.

    And, of course, it won’t even do anything to stop the boats. No deterrent measure will stop the boats. The only thing that has ever stopped the boats, apart from a lack of refugees, is physical force – using the Royal Australian Navy to force boats back to Indonesia. Of course, doing so increases the incentive for people smugglers to send leaky, sinkable boats and thus force the Navy to collect asylum seekers from the water. Hardly an option likely to stop deaths on the high seas.

  2. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    I am so disgusted by the excision, not only because of the callousness of it, but because of the pointlessness of it as highlighted by fmark.

    It all feeds back into the general gutlessness of this government, which I continue to be unable to support with my vote. I won’t be voting for the Libs because the words from their own mouths mean that they will be even more callous, and I know that they won’t be so gutless about it either.

    All I can do is vote strategically for another hung government, even if this time it’s likely to be Abbott with a working majority and the Libs and Labor are still likely to vote together to block anything truly progressive as they have been for the last however many years.

  3. David
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    Without the Libs preferencing him, Bandt is likely gone come September, too. Ludlam looks a goner as well.

    The last gap between hung parliaments was 70 years so neither tigtog nor me are likely to see the next one (unless they bring in proportional representation for the House of Reps which the majors won’t as it would give the Greens too much power).

  4. Mindy
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  5. Mindy
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    More cool stuff

    We have always fought – about women through history – a nice turn around of the ‘friendzone’ argument

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