For my birthday you could, if you like, donate to the Ada Initiative

This week I turned 50. Various nice people are doing nice things for me, which is nice.

If you too would like to do something that will make me feel warm and fuzzy, and can afford to make a donation, then seeing some more cash thrown at the Ada Initiative would definitely do the job.

Founded by HaT’s very own Mary and her friend Val, the Ada Initiative supports women in open technology and culture. Recently they blogged about the success they’ve had over the last few years in persuading many orgs and socs to adopt anti-harassment policies in order to make cons more awesome for everybody (crossposted to the Finally, A Feminism 101 blog as well).

Despite the pushback from some, the continuing adoption of AHPs is rolling on, and thus cons are becoming more awesome because a wider range of attendees feel welcome and included in communities that take accountability seriously. It seems self-evident that this is going to make a huge positive difference in the enthusiasm, drive and commitment of members of the orgs and socs who have stepped up, to the benefit of the shared goals of those communities, but some don’t see it that way. Donating to the Ada Initiative will help them develop more projects and resources for those working to bypass those dinosaurs clogging up the way forward.

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10 responses to “For my birthday you could, if you like, donate to the Ada Initiative”

  1. Mindy

    Feel warm and fuzzy! Happy Birthday and thanks for the great donation idea.

  2. Lauredhel

    Happy birthday!

  3. Mary

    Happy birthday!

  4. mimbles

    Happy birthday! Warm fuzziness inducing deed done :-)

  5. Xanthë

    Happy birthday tt!

  6. Feminist Avatar

    Happy Birthday!

  7. angharad

    Happy Birthday tigtog!

  8. Megpie71

    Happy birthday.

  9. tigtog

    Thank you for the good wishes, all. Had a great night at band rehearsal with the cherry on top being a surprise performance of the punk-thrash version of Happy Birthday with my darling playing bass. I was well chuffed.

  10. paul walter

    Past fifty ain’t too bad. Too bad if it is.. happy birthday.

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