Conroy backs down on internet filter

Conroy backs down on internet filter

It’s good to see Stephen Conroy finally face the facts: his filter proposal was about as clever as equipping a blue whale to pursue a vulture.

Quicklink: partial Australian web censorship starts in July

Quicklink: partial Australian web censorship starts in July

By “voluntary” they mean that the ISPs are filtering content identified as child abuse material voluntarily, not that they are giving their customers who don’t want to look at child abuse material anyway any choice about being gifted with a false sense of cybersecurity.

Crowdsourcing: ideas for an anti-filter website

Crowdsourcing: ideas for an anti-filter website

I love the new Filter Stephen Conroy site, and I’m keen to put up a similar site aimed at people who very much want their own family’s internet access to be filtered and who have bought into the idea that Conroy’s filter is going to be the easiest way to do it (and that it will work).

Femmostroppo Reader - June 12, 2010

Femmostroppo Reader – June 12, 2010

Government Overreach Edition – what the hell is the Rudd government up to? Read’em and weep.

The lamb roast roundup: Mums and censorship

The lamb roast roundup: Mums and censorship

Feminist criticism of the “It’s Time to Tell Mum” anti-filtering campaign has shown up on several blogs:

Iinet, Censorship, and Conroy's Lies

Iinet, Censorship, and Conroy’s Lies

The government’s $128.8 million Cyber Safety policy includes forcing internet service providers to block access to a secret blacklist of website pages identified as ”refused classification” by the Australian police. Web pages will be nominated for blacklisting by Australian internet users who come across illegal or ”unacceptable” websites.

So simple, even your mother will be opposed

So simple, even your mother will be opposed

My four month old has explained a lot of things to me. To date it’s been things like “it’s been four months and you still can’t tell the difference between tired and hungry? HERE LET ME SHOW YOU.” But I confess that I was surprised last night by his cogent explanation of reasons to oppose […]

Listen up, Labor

Listen closely Labor Party, cos I’m only gonna say this once. Oh wait, no I’m not! I’m gonna say this OVER AND OVER. And Australians who agree with me, please do so also. Don’t you fucking dare put us in the untenable position of having to preference Labor over Liberal to avoid getting the unmitigated […]

#nocleanfeed – Aust Govt delays introducing net filter legislation

From the Oz A spokeswoman for Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said yesterday the legislation would not be introduced next month’s or the June sittings of parliament. With parliament not sitting again until the last week of August, the laws are unlikely to be passed before the election. Vote Green, Green, Green in the Senate, y’all. […]

Senator Conroy needs some cheese to go with that whine

That nasty Google is saying terrible things about his shiny net filter that he wants to give to all Australians, whether they want it or not.

Femmostroppo Reader – January 25, 2010

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed. What did I miss? Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

QOTD: Andrew Bartlett #nocleanfeed

The government’s compulsory internet filter will not make the internet any safer for children to use unsupervised, nor will it make police detection of users of illegal content any easier.

Quickhit: Background Briefing on Australia’s Looming Internet Censorship

For those interested in Minister Stephen Conroy’s plans to introduce mandatory internet censorship to Australia, check out Wendy Carlisle’s show on the Background Briefing. ABC Radio National: Conroy’s clean feed It’s well-researched, and it explains the issue from square one, right back to Conroy’s fib that Kevin Rudd’s Labor government campaigned on the issue and […]

The Web isn’t like movies

Clive Hamilton, “public intellectual”, has been banging on about how wrong wrongitty wrong anti-censorship advocates are. Clive has been stampily regurgitating the mantra of the censors: “I have heard no one argue that films, television, books and magazine should be a free-for-all. But somehow all of this goes out the window when it comes to […]