What can they reasonably expect?

What can they reasonably expect?

What is a reasonable expectation if you have invited someone over to watch a movie?



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Actually, EC President Barroso did NOT "slap down"/"slam" Gillard

Actually, EC President Barroso did NOT “slap down”/”slam” Gillard

Maybe, if we’re being scrupulously generous, it might be only one journalist who made up the anti-Gillard spin, and all the rest just copied it instead of viewing the primary source material. Still doesn’t speak much of their ethics, does it?

Sunday writer: Jennifer Egan

Sunday writer: Jennifer Egan

I have chosen the Pulitzer-prize winning writer, Jennifer Egan for this Sunday because she has just published a short story/poem on Twitter and the writing is brilliant and the medium is perfect. As others have noted, it is kind of refreshing to see a big serious writer embrace Twitter, too: Some authors have a dismissive […]

Tony Abbott "NOPE" poster

Political Meme of the week: Abbott “explains” things – they just are

ABBOTT: ‘blah blah Gillard govt schoolkid bonus bad blah blah’
REPORTER: ‘How is this different from the Howard govt baby bonus?’
ABBOTT: ‘Well look, they just are.’

Quick Hit: OMG I don't even...

Quick Hit: OMG I don’t even…

@GuardianJessica Jessica Reed
This is totally unacceptable. RT @NaomiMc: Feminism has gone too far again.

Femmostroppo Reader - October 23, 2010

Femmostroppo Reader – October 23, 2010

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed.What did I miss? Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

Twitter's ch-ch-ch-ch-changing

Twitter’s ch-ch-ch-ch-changing

Wired.com takes a peek at the new look/new features that will be rolled out across the network over the next day or so. If you can see the changes on your homepage already, what do you think?

This seems like a good general opportunity for readers to let other readers know that they tweet and where they can find each other. So drop a link to your tweetstream, or go forth and follow!

feministhulk talks to Ms.

feministhulk talks to Ms.

Audrey Bilger interviews (via email) twitter hit feministhulk and his “literary life partner”, J.

I’m really enjoying feministhulk

i sa! chiz chiz

nigel molesworth is now tweeting

Facebook privacy: they’re gonna fix it?

So they say. I bet they’re only going to go so far. They still want to profit from that info. FACEBOOK has caved in to pressure from critics and said it would simplify controls over the degree of privacy given to users of the popular social networking service. Facebook has been under fire from privacy […]

Femmostroppo Reader – January 6, 2010

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed. What did I miss? Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments. Perpetrator Friendly Sexual Violence Prevention: Part 2 – “The flaws in this worldview are easy to spot once this worldview isn’t blindly accepted as the way the world works. Let’s apply […]

Nestle Aus manager calls critics irrational, biased

Complete with the infantilising headline we’ve come to expect from Fairfax media, Asher Moses has written up the ongoing #nestlefamily incident: “Mummy bloggers spit the dummy over Nestle’s spoilt milk” First, Nestlé hung its bloggers out to dry, leaving them to deal – very, very badly – with the PR disaster they co-created. Nestlé then […]

Twitter is TEOTWAWKI: Tech Culture Wars

Tigtog has been blogging about how, contrary to Chicken Little predictions of electronic media being the end of literacy worldwide, children today are better writers than ever before. I was just watching this interview on “The Twitter Revolution”, Chuck Klosterman on Break Room Live. The interviewer’s critiques of Twitter: – With the amount of information […]