This is so me

This is so me

If you’ve ever wondered why I describe myself as having a curmudgeonly streak, this strip might give you a clue. originally uploaded at xkcd I would absolutely both think of flipping the clock to 24 hour time and do it, too. The only trouble is, I am also exactly the sort of geeky procrastinator who would factor the time while… Read more →

Chuck Norris on The Chaser

Because he occasionally does talking-head stuff for Faux News. Nooooooo! Ican’thearyouIcan’thearyouIcan’thearyou. I much prefer the Chuck Norris that Google won’t search for. And the Chuck Norris who chuckles over silly lists. (Wikipedia sucks most of the fun out of the site linked above) N.B. The Chaser explained, kinda Share this post? Related posts: ObWhoniverse: 50th Anniversary Episode Thread Google Street… Read more →

The fundamental incoherence of pop-evopsych arguments in a nutshell

This is totally going to be the keynote quote for the inevitable eventual FAQ on evopsych for Feminism 101: On the subject of evo-psych: But the behaviours of men who oppress women are natural! Evolution makes men spread their seed/rape/etc! Even assuming that this is true, what you’re saying is that past evolutionary pressures encourage certain types of behaviour. If… Read more →