What to do in an emergency

Alternate versions of the “universally understood” images in a recent US govt publication. If you are trapped with no hope of being found, amuse yourself in your final moments with shadow puppets. A quick family snapshot in front of the latest scene of a terrorist attack may became a treasured family keepsake that will preserve precious memories for years to… Read more →

Oh no

News just in: AUTHORITIES in New Zealand have called off the search for missing trans-Tasman kayaker Andrew McAuley. I’ve never met him, but my parents know him quite well. They know his wife and boy rather better, because Andrew tends to be off in the great outdoors. It was his dream to cross the Tasman in a kayak.[link] It doesn’t… Read more →

Obstreperal lobe engaged

Nasty stuff (PTSD trigger alert): sex trafficking and so called “consensual sex contracts” which appear to be simply an attempt to license sexual assault and get away with it. Time to BTP (Addit: add your own angermakers in comments). Link the First: From a link JahTeh sent me a few days ago: Stuck in Traffic (sex trafficking in Goa). Share… Read more →