Bear with me while I upgrade the blog software. Hopefully downtime will be minimal. UPDATE: Done. Easy-peasy. And gravatars are working again! (In Firefox, anyway. Gravatars are spotty in Internet Exploder with it’s silly idiosyncratic approach to HTML compliance. Honestly, if you’re still using IE as your browser, do check out Mozilla Firefox: Free Download and much better browsing.) FURTHER… Read more →

Harsh of the week

He’s so insubstantial that he’d be rejected by Bertie Wooster’s Drones Club on the grounds that he wouldn’t have the strength let alone the nerve to steal a policeman’s helmet on Boat Night. ~ Lance Mannion (on Hugh Jackman’s interpretation of his character in the latest Woody Allen flick, Scoop). Ultimately, he’s harsher on Allen for dropping the directorial ball…. Read more →