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  • Otterday! And Open Thread.


    Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

  • WTF, Australia?


    Fiona Katauskas nails it.

  • Discussion Thread: Shakespeare Uncovered

    B&W photo of Vanessa Redgrave in cutoff pants and cloth cap, playing Rosalind, with her Orlando.

    The recent import from the BBC 4, Shakespeare Uncovered, is a six-part series in which one well-known public face of the theatre each episode gives an in-depth, personal walk-through a selection from Shakespeare’s plays. Four examine a single play, the… Read More ›

  • Queuejumping rhetoric a new low in fight against reproductive rights

    the Member for Dawson said priority should be given to other drugs, particularly those that helped cancer patients and extended the lives of people who were sick.

    “I simply don’t understand why this particular drug would find its way to the head of the queue before those drugs,” Mr Christensen told the Daily Mercury.

  • Spacecraft exploring the Solar system


    Last week’s news of plans to clear up humanity’s space-junk, aka orbital debris, currently cluttering up Low Earth Orbit, alarmed quite a few folks. In better space news, the many non-junk bits and bobs we’ve got floating around up there are busy gathering data so that we can learn more about our planetary and stellar neighbours.

  • Evidence-based medicine


    With the (non)efficacy of homeopathy making the news again (with rumblings that the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is considering delisting various homeopathic remedies), I was reminded – after I wondered how in hell they got listed by the TGA in the first place – of a post I first published four years ago:

  • Media Circus: Off-shore Hellholes and Budget Black Holes edition


    As usual, the topic of these media-circus posts is just a discussion-starter. Please discuss any sociopolitical issue currently making the news, or highlight egregious churnalism and those far too rare instances where the MSM rises above it.

  • Review: Lady Sings it Better

    4 headshots of the cast members of Lady Sings It Better arranged as a collage

    Feminist commentary of popular songs, excellent music and a whole lot of laughs: Lady Sings it Better.

  • Some women want to stay home with children and feminism needs to make peace with that


    Alexandra Carlton has an article in The Age this weekend, “The retro housewife” that proves it is just as possible to build a faux phenomenon in Australia around smart women dropping off the career ladder to become domestic over-achievers as… Read More ›

  • Despite the gym boom we are fatter than ever.


    This piece from Mark Dapin in the SMH details how despite the growing number of gyms in Sydney the population is still, statistically, becoming fatter. Usually I like Mark Dapin’s writing, it is funny and usually about himself and his… Read More ›


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