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Who's afraid of feminists raising sons?

Who’s afraid of feminists raising sons?

I’m a huge Lionel Shriver fan – difficult, divisive, dark and absolutely enthralling. My sister and her friend and I trade Shriver novels and can talk about them endlessly. I have often thought that I’d like to belong not to a book club but to a Lionel Shriver book club. Although not my favourite of Shriver’s books, the film adaptation… Read more →

Art for your weekend

Art for your weekend

From Japanese-British artist, Sputniko! More here: She talks about her “Menstruation Machine” as coming out of a love of high-tech – she studied computer science before moving into the arts – coupled to a woman’s frustration with it. “Technology is so advanced nowadays, so why do I bleed every month, why do I hurt every month?,” she asks. Under the… Read more →