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Buffy Summers vs Edward Cullen: A Fanvid Crossover

Via girliejones, a wonderful Buffy/Twilight crossover that asks: What if Edward Cullen had picked Buffy instead of Bella? “You know, being stalked really isn’t a big turn-on for girls.” Video is below the cut. Related posts: The 62nd Down Under Feminists Carnival Sree on Big Brother UK – harasser, homophobe, Nice Guy(tm)? Heads up for the Royal Australasian College of… Read more →

I miss CountDown, Molly included

Cable TV keeps on playing 70s Countdown clips, and I’m enjoying them way too much, especially the glam acts with huge horn sections. Then of course the disco ladies. What about the Bump? And this awesomely naff set? Related posts: Sydney Hoydenizens Do Karaoke! Otterday! And Open Thread. Various topics I’d like to blog on if I had more time… Read more →