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TV Tuesday: Battlestar Galactica spoiler thread

Battlestar Galactica is done and dusted! This is a thread to discuss anything and everything about the full run of BSG, including the finale. Please, no spoilers for future spin-offs. Related posts (automatically generated): TV Tuesday: Dollhouse spoiler thread For those who need to vent at Russell T Davies Spoiler thread: DWS4 finale Battlestar Galactica: […]

Gang laws dependent on mode of transport? Really?

unless the media is being spectacularly wrongfooted in their reporting today, it really does appear that laws are being mooted with respect to criminal activity that are going to be different depending upon the suspects’ vehicle(s) of choice. What does it matter whether a gangster is wearing a leather jacket and riding a Hog or wearing a hipster outfit and riding a Segway?