The milieu through which we swim

Sexy ads on articles about sexual violence

Spotted at The West. I believe the ad content rotates, so here’s a screenshot. [description is below the cut] There are many examples of serendipitously humorous or offensive ad placements. Many are probably difficult (though not impossible) to avoid in the general course of things, being third party ads, but this one isn’t a third-party […]

TV Tuesday: Battlestar Galactica spoiler thread

Battlestar Galactica is done and dusted! This is a thread to discuss anything and everything about the full run of BSG, including the finale. Please, no spoilers for future spin-offs. Related posts (automatically generated): TV Tuesday: Dollhouse spoiler thread For those who need to vent at Russell T Davies Spoiler thread: DWS4 finale Battlestar Galactica: […]