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Grin du jour.

I’m enjoying a temporary blogflump, thanks to a bit of soapmaking and some post-election floatiness. So I bring you this, courtesy of Neatorama. Illegitimi Non Carborundum Related posts: Weekend Wibble: Colony Cookies Eyeroll du jour Obamamedia rant du jour “I think we should discuss…” *grin* Stop having a sook, Australia

Greetings from Middle Perth

From StrangeMaps comes this map of Australia, Middle-Earth style: “One Ring to Rule Them All, Mate”. I forget who once pondered the impossibility of believing Shakespeare spoken in an Australian accent. Maybe it’s the implied anachronism, for in Shakespeare’s time there wasn’t an Australian accent, owing mainly to Australia not having been discovered yet. At […]

Friday Funnies

Via For Battle!, Lego animations of Eddie Izzard routines on YouTube from Thorn2200. DV prefers the Death Star Canteen, but I can’t go past Cake or Death. And via Club Troppo, Nick Gruen has discovered that “the poet laureate of our bullshit drenched world”, John Clarke, has a website stuffed with classic material, hurrah! Related […]