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Hello, we're back!

Hello, we’re back!

Well that was a nasty surprise.

Admin note: RSS feeds

Admin note: RSS feeds

If you changed your subscription a couple of years ago, as requested, to our new Hoyden feed for the new domain, then you shouldn’t be seeing anything different in your feed-reader. If you are not a content-aggregator site, then you can now ignore this post. If you are seeing a change in your feed, and you are one of our personal subscribers via a feed-reader, here’s how to get your full feed back:

Were you online in '95-ish?

Were you online in ’95-ish?

Sadly, the unsung programmer who created Trumpet Winsock, Tasmanian Peter Tattam, didn’t get paid for most of those copies; millions of free give-aways that saw hardly a brass razoo come back to him.