Use of advanced messaging technology does not imply an endorsement of western industrial civilization. ~Anonymous email sig line
For a list of all the ways technology has failed to improve the quality of life, please press three. ~Alice Kahn

More maths fun

More maths fun

It’s no Gomboc, but the boy produced this earlier today using a maths renderer. The function is f(x,y) = (πx3)×y He also thinks you all should know about Acid2, which test your browser to see if it is latest-standards compliant. Related posts: WTF are they thinking OTD: M$ Borgware Thursday Cheezburger and Delurking Day: Maths […]

“You’re such a buzzkill, snopes.”

A little Friday video divertissement: What happens when Google’s parents leave town for the weekend. [NSFW.] Related posts: Otterday! And Open Thread. Femmostroppo Reader – April 15, 2009 Feminist Blogger Project Bambi’s mother found shot dead in forest after threatening to go public about her affair with Obama Bless her dainty hooves

“conspire and collaborate”: quilting with 1s and 0s

Sometime Guest Hoyden sajbrfem is putting the “feminism” back in “cyberfeminism”. This Cyberfeminism 101 slideshow is the first of her web-based art project, producing one cyberfeminism work per week for a year. This is the creative-practice part of a doctoral programme in cyberfeminist art. The slideshow covers cyberfeminist basics and the thesis itself, and introduces […]