History is, strictly speaking, the study of questions; the study of answers belongs to anthropology and sociology.
W. H. Auden
If it’s far away, it’s news, but if it’s close at home, it’s sociology.
James Reston

Monbiot mistakes the specific for the general

This strikes me as totally the wrong end of the stick, as if it reveals an attitude towards FoI in principle rather than these vexatious FoI requests in particular.

My Easter Post on The Drum

Little did I know that leading churchmen around the nation were going to dedicate their Easter messages this year to painting atheism as mad, bad and dangerous to know.

Second Chance Prom for Constance McMillen

Which she wouldn’t need if she didn’t live in a town full of sanctimonious liars. Congratulations to Fulton, Mississippi for the place you now hold in the annals of bigotry.

Latest from WikiLeaks: Collateral Murder

The so-called weapons that the gunship soldiers thought they saw were all in fact cameras. They shot to death a group of people walking down the street, and then slaughtered people with children coming to help the wounded, just because some of them had cameras.

It’s Carnival time! Submit your posts now.

The Twenty-Third Edition (can you believe it?) of the Down Under Feminists Carnival is fast approaching! The deadline for submissions is the 2nd of April – tomorrow – so get your posts in now. This 23rd edition will be hosted at Bri (scarlett-heartt) at Fat Lot Of Good. Submit your March posts, or those any […]

Go on, ask me about the History of Metals

I just won’t answer for another hour or so, until we’ve got this Year 11 (!) Assessment Task (!) presentation (!) which I was first told “wasn’t quite ready” (!) about at approx 11:30pm last night handed in (Period 5).

Let’s Dance

A US lawyer says a lesbian student who sued a Mississippi school over its policy banning same-sex prom dates can bring her girlfriend to a privately sponsored dance. The dance is not the school prom, that is still cancelled, it is a private function being held in the school prom’s place. The judge who ruled […]

Senator Conroy needs some cheese to go with that whine

That nasty Google is saying terrible things about his shiny net filter that he wants to give to all Australians, whether they want it or not.

Logansrogue IS Teh Feminist Cabal, sez Crazy Domains

Remember Crazy Domains and their jizztastic cream-jaculatin’ Pamela Anderson advertisement? The one pulled by the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB)? Gavin Collins, Managing Director, is throwing a tanty. And he blames one little post on livejournal for all his problems. This is not new for him; he already hyperfocused on logansrogue’s post in his previous response […]

Ann Coulter loves competition in the free market, except when it’s competition in free speech

Ann Coulter has been getting a lot of traction over the last couple of days with talk of being censored by having a speech cancelled. So, who was it exactly who cancelled Coulter’s speech on the campus of the University of Ottawa?

Breastfeeding people protected in WA at last

I’ve blogged before about the fight to get breastfeeding included in Western Australia’s anti-discrimination legislation. That fight is logged below – now, for purely historical reasons! Because today, finally, the Equal Opportunity Amendment Bill 2009 passed the Upper House of WA Parliament. One chap from the Nationals did insist on getting a little harrumph in: […]

Favourite online news comment of the day

Get out your bingo cards!

Women on trial

The Northern Star today has an article about a man who is being tried on “five counts of having sex with a minor; and seven counts of indecent assault”. The woman laying the complaints was 15 when she was first impregnated by the man, her much older brother-in-law. The headline and lede of the article? […]

Answering hand-waving with hand-waving: Donnelly, rape, and Lady Gaga

Both tigtog and I have little more than an eyeroll in response to Harradine-mentored Catholic-right NSW Labor MP Greg Donnelly’s remarks in Parliament. While Parliament tried to debate a motion about International Women’s Day, Mr Donnelly chose to take the floor and rabbit on for quite a while about how rape was actually women’s fault. […]