Quickhit: “No personal attacks” is not neutral

By The Wasp at The Feminist Hivemind: ‘ “No personal attacks” is not neutral’: “[…] When ours are the bodies at risk, and our views are expressions of self-defense, there is no distinction between attacking those views and attacking us personally. In other words, a space that permits the expression of views that oppress and harm people but which does… Read more →

Hello Hoydenizens

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Dear Hollywood: why didn't you tell me more about Jack Black's Gulliver's Travels?

Dear Hollywood: why didn’t you tell me more about Jack Black’s Gulliver’s Travels?

I realise that I’m talking about a movie that was released in order to be in contention for last year’s award season, so you’ve probably just about forgotten it. Nevertheless, I’d like you to consider the fact that I’m a comedy tragic who writes and promotes a lot about comedy elsewhere online, yet until tonight when I flicked past Jack Black’s version of Gulliver’s Travels (December 2010) on my cable TV? I was totally unaware that Billy Connolly, Catherine Tate and Chris O’Dowd were key members of the supporting cast.