Moon Landing Quote of the Day

“You can’t fake a moon landing – it’s not an orgasm!”
Craig Ferguson – Late Late Show (starts approx 4:30 in)

h/t The Bad Astronomer on Twitter

ETA: NatGeo has a gallery of 8 photos that don’t show what the moon-hoax conspiracy theorists think they reveal, with explanations, including some from Bad Astronomer Phil Plait.

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  1. Sigh – why don’t we get Craig Ferguson here?
    The ultimate moon landing hoax would have to be the French mockumentary that SBS screened on April Fool’s Day a while back – The Dark Side of the Moon. Here’s Neil Armstrong boring mission control to tears.

  2. “You can’t fake a moon landing – it’s not an orgasm!”
    But it’s probably just as good.


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