Clumsy Mönty Pythøn gåg

An essential element in any self-respecting incendiary blog post‘s comments thread.

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  1. I’m just amazed it took 300+ comments to get there.

  2. I knøw! Multiple Godwinnings and not a single Monty Python reference, so it simply had to be done.
    Kids these days, mutter mutter.

  3. Where are the BØMPs of yesteryear?
    (A kid once bit my sister.)

  4. Gone for emoticons, every one! (When will they ever learn?)

    (Those responsible for this odd segue into folksongs have been sacked.)

  5. Damn you, I just lost a significant amount of time actually reading all those comments because I was blowed if I was going to quit before I found your Monty Python gag. And also because they were making me giggle.
    *wants to add to the folk songs/Python references but can’t as brain is occupied with an earworm of the phrase long time passing*

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