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Wednesday Wow: Starry Night

All those stars reminded me – it’s nearly September equinox time (it’s becoming more common to no longer refer to vernal/autumnal equinoxes or summer/winter solstices because it gives the wrong impression that it’s the same season simultaneously around the world). The equinox falls on tomorrow, September 23rd at 1:09 pm Sydney time.

Wednesday Wow: Sea fort

…took me to one of those old posts, and I thought “hey, I miss this idea”, because I usually ended up finding out something interesting as I looked into the backstory behind various intriguing photos.

Wednesday Wow: aerial

So many shots taken from plane windows are rather pedestrian, but the mountains silhouettes against the sunrays and the clouds make this one pretty spectacular.

Wednesday Wow: Hot Pink !

No thumbnail for this, the photographer doesn’t want hir work on people’s blogs.

I reckon the owner of this house/car combo is never seen with a belt that doesn’t match the shoes.

Wednesday Wow: A Heart Among Giant Desire

Found in my regular trawl through the WOW! flickr image pool.

I grew up as a bushwalker (hiker/rambler for you foreign types). I’ve never been to somewhere with trees quite like this, but it brings back fond memories of walks through quiet, wild spaces.

Belated Wednesday Wow: Go your way, I go mine

I got a good tip from the headphones guy in the hi-fi store last week (who is also a photographer, of course): when travelling, check out a city’s name in the Flickr tags and see what people like to photograph when there: you’ll get a lot more to see than just the tourist bureau picture postcards. What a brilliant idea.