Rape myths, rape myth acceptance, and community perceptions of victims of sexual violence

Elsewhere, grave doubt was expressed that attitudes of holding women responsible for sexual violence directed towards them was in fact a popular community view, to the extent that a position paper from an academic conference was mercilessly mocked for this sentence:

Women who are raped or who suffer domestic violence are somehow thought of in the popular imagination as a stereotype. According to this, the women are asking for it, dressed inappropriately, provoking it – responsible for it.

The writer and the cartoonist

Helen writes at the Cast Iron Balcony. She’s a blogger, she’s a grinner, she’s a mother, she’s a sinner. She plays her music in the sun. Last year, some cartoons which appeared with two of Miranda Devine‘s articles caught my… Read More ›

A soupçon of good, a whole mess of lazy “advice”

For once here’s some relationship advice which talks about the way the men and women are TRAINED from an early age to act differently in response to life’s annoyances and pains. That’s a refreshing change from all those articles which try and paint gender-differences in emotional responses as being due to innate genetic XX vs XY differences.

Quickhit: How Hollywood made its heroines weight-obsessed and man mad

From the Guardian/Observer:

Hollywood heroines are being increasingly portrayed as neurotic, idiotic and obsessed by men, weight and weddings, a professor at Oxford University has claimed.

Dr Diane Purkiss, who is a fellow at Keble College, argued that over the past five decades the film industry has made its female characters “dumber and dumber”. The latest slew of chick-flicks, including He’s Just Not That Into You and Confessions of a Shopaholic, fall prey to the “worst kind of regressive, pre-feminist stereotype of misogynistic cliche,” she added.

Women in science

Two posts from PZ at Pharyngula. Firstly, a repost of a strip from the brilliant comic Non Sequiturwith a single short paragraph of commentary: You know, when you stop to think about it, this strip really isn’t that funny —… Read More ›