Month: September 2013

Don’t mistake losing *an argument* with losing your *right to argue*

We see it too often online, and more than we’d like to offline too: this idea that “I’m entitled to my opinion” means something more than merely being entitled to express an opinion one holds – that somehow all opinions are equally entitled to respect from other people, or that all opinions are equally entitled to be treated seriously.

Patrick’s post lays out why this frequently whimpered whine is nonsense.

Federal Election minus 5 days: party policies on anti-discrimination

I am committed to the idea that if I want election coverage to talk about policy more in the lead-up to elections, it can’t hurt to be someone who is aware of and considers policy in the lead-up to elections. There’s five days before the Federal election; what do various parties have to say about anti-discrimination?

Quick Hit: WTF Wikipedia

Warning: the following fuckwittery may make you very angry. Trigger warning for trans-misogyny. Wikipedia has decided that misgendering Chelsea Manning is more important than respecting her wishes. Although Manning’s entry acknowledges her name change and refers to her using female… Read More ›