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  • Obnoxious pantomime alert: “trAnnie”

    And the Sydney Opera House legitimises this. This is vicious, blatant sexist transphobia, masquerading as light-hearted entertainment.

  • Hating Australia Day from afar

    Today is the second Australia Day since I moved to the United States. One of the most surprising things for me to experience out of Australia was people saying–even in the American South!–Australia’s really racist, isn’t it? And personally, I hate that. I hate that there is such a strong implicit idea of who an Australian “is,” and how racist and dependent on assimilation that is. I hate the way that is enforced with violence and ugly rhetoric, and I hate the policies that our country mobilises against Aboriginal communities and refugees.

    And yet. For all that I hate what Australia Day represents, I am more homesick than usual today.

  • The new Australian passport regulations

    Australian passport, navy with gold detailing.

    This is definitely progress, and very good news for trans men and women and intersex people indeed. Obviously it’s left out non-binary people, which is less good.

  • Transgender Day of Remembrance: Living with the threat

    Even though it’s remembrance of all the deaths worldwide, most writings you’ll find about TDOR online will be from the US, where the day started. But it’s important to acknowledge the specifics of exactly who it is dying, rather than universalise the violence as affecting all trans men, women, genderqueers and other non-binaries equally.

  • Round up the lawyers! A trans person wants a correct birth certificate

    From the Sydney Morning Herald, a trans man in Sydney named Conor Montgomery is trying to get his birth certificate changed.  So why is this newsworthy? Conor Montgomery, 50, was born a female in Australia but took male hormones, had… Read More ›

  • The legacies of trans-exclusive feminism (aka why are you angry?)

    Having read over the various obituaries for Mary Daly the past couple days, I’ve found myself more and more angry at the various defences marshalled in her defence (I particularly recommend Sady’s one at Tiger Beatdown), I’ve found myself more… Read More ›

  • Be Afraid, Be Very Very Afraid

    Two and a half weeks ago, two trans men from Western Australia won the right to change the sex marker on their birth certificates without their having had hysterectomies. Though this may seem rather minor from the outside, the ruling… Read More ›